Video Gallery

This series of videos provides helpful reference for the most common support issues and other matters.

Castle CSI 1 5 Presentation

Presenting Castle's CSI-1.5 Pocket Cutter / Screw Inserter

CSI Product Demonstration

CSI Video

Castle's CSI-Next Pocket Cutter / Screw Inserter

TSM-12 Benchtop Pocket Cutter

Presenting Castle's TSM-12 Benchtop Pocket Cutter - video created by blazingnailgun Redneck DIY

Check Router Stop Switch

Clamps, Drills, Releases – No Pocket

Check Air Line for Crimps

Clamps and Routs – No Drill (Pilot Hole)

How to Dry Cycle Your Machine

(Dry Cycle Your Machine First)

Check Air To Machine

(Machine Doesn’t Cycle)

Check Foot Switch

(Machine Doesn’t Cycle)

Check Drill Solenoid

Clamps and Routs – No Drill (Pilot Hole)

Check Router Feed Rate Valve

(Clamps – Not Routing or Drilling)

Check Stock Sense Switch

(Machine Doesn’t Cycle)