CSI-1.5 D | Pocket Cutter & Screw Inserter

CSI-1.5 D
CSI-1.5 D
CSI-1.5 D

CSI-1.5 D

Pocket Cutters



Pocket Cutter & Screw Inserter

Pockets with Screws… DELIVERED 

Castle’s CSI-1.5 D Pocket Cutter/Screw Inserter saves time, reduces waste, and eliminates non-value-added labor and screw-handling motion trauma for high-production cabinet joinery.

By using patented Screw-in-Pocket (SIP) technology CSI-1.5 D cuts Castle’s distinctive screw pocket, drills a low angle pilot hole AND inserts a flush, stackable screw in 1.5 seconds. CSI-1.5 D provides faster production time by eliminating screw handling at assembly.

Using the Castle CSI Pocket Cutter/Screw Inserter can cut your assembly time nearly in half!

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Build with Quality, Build with Castle!

U.S. Patent #6,877,536 | Canadian Patent #2,456,044

Features Include:

  1. Castle Patented 6° Low Angle Pocket
  2. Undersized pilot hole for screw retention
  3. Inserted screws sit below flush to prevent marring of adjacent materials
  4. Integrated safety features include stock sensing switch, door position switch, cycle time-out, covered foot switch, and E-stop functionality
  5. Easy access for quick tooling changes
  6. Built in “Flip Stop” indexing system provides 3/8″ gap between pocket and work piece edge
  7. Feed rate adjustable to optimize quality and cycle time for various materials
  8. Includes durable solid carbide router bit, short flute drill bit and dust collection port

How It Works:

  1. Work piece is placed in position by operator.
  2. Pressing the foot switch extends stock clamp.
  3. Router lifts and rotates into work piece as screw falls into insertion position.
  4. Drill activates, rapidly extends into the work piece, then retracts.
  5. Screw Inserter Carriage moves forward, inserting the screw, then quickly retracts.
  6. Stock clamp releases the work piece.
  7. The cycle is ready to repeat!

Tech Specs:

  1. Req CFM: 350 CFM with 4″ Dust Collection
  2. Electrical: Main – 220V or 460V / 3Ph / 20AMP / 60hZ,  Aux – 120V supply for screw feeder
  3. Air: 80 PSI with min. 3/8″ I.D. supply line
  4. MAchine Height: 72″
  5. Shipping weight: Approx. 700 Lbs
  6. Shipping dimensions: 40″ x 48 ” x 76″
  7. Auxillary 120 VAC supply for screw feeder
  8. Air Req: 100 PSI with min 3/8″ ID supply line

Product Components:

  1. Vibratory Screw Feed System + Hopper
  2. Siemens LOGO! PLC
  3. Mitsubishi High Frequency Drive
  4. LCD status display with cycle counter
  5. Teknomotor High Freq 3.0 HP Router
  6. Teknomotor .44 HP 208V HF Drill Spindle
  7. Working Height: 36″ 
  8. Worktop Area: 33″ x 35″
  9. Footprint: 28″ x 28″


“We noticed an immediate impact on our production assembly in our finished products by 30%. We eliminated the inefficiencies of having the employee worry about inserting screws into panels and allowed them to concentrate on producing completed products. Another feature to note is we eliminated any employee using a wrong length screw during assembly since now all the panels are coming with the appropriate length screws pre-inserted. This new change in our company had the doubts of the shop floor in the beginning but after a solid month of utilizing the CSI machine we couldn’t imagine building our products without it.”

Ryan Larkin, Vice President
Solid Comfort - Fargo, ND

“The CSI has been a real game changer for us. We have been able to up production, without adding people.”

Bill Chinn, Owner
Alpine Cabinet Company - Tinmath, CO

“The CSI from Castle has made a big difference in high-volume pocket hole work for us. We use pocket hole joinery in many applications and have several Castle machines. We build certain products that use a large number of pocket hole joints. The CSI literally eliminates one whole person from that assembly process. Also – Castle has always provided quality equipment that rarely needs service, but they have been very responsive with service and support whenever we have needed it. We appreciate Castle as a supplier and have been very happy with the CSI in particular.”

Joe W. Rogers, Operations Manager
Midwest Cabinet Co. - Ottawa, KS